On which finger can we wear our Cercei ring?

The choice of a finger to wear a ring depends on several factors traditions, look, lifestyle and many others. This leads us to decipher the wearing of a ring on one of the five fingers. It will then be a question of interpreting the meaning of the choice of this or that finger to wear our Cercei ring.

Thumb rings

Wearing thumb rings is not at all a common gesture and it does not generally enter into the habits of life for women. However, the thumb is often a finger associated with wealth and friendship. Going in this direction, we urge you to wear sober rings so as not to be the object of ridicule.

Index finger ring

The index finger is the finger we use the most in our lives. One probably shouldn't bother with rings. However, this view of things is not shared among women. Either way, the index finger is a symbol of authority and power. In other words, wearing the ring on the index finger is a sign of leadership.

middle finger ring

The place that this finger occupies on your hand says everything about its symbolism. The middle finger combines responsibility and balance. It does not integrate the religious side. We advise you to avoid extravagant women's rings on the middle finger, because this finger is more or less big. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to perform some manual tasks.

ring finger

The ring on the ring finger symbolizes marriage when worn on the left hand. And when you wear the ring on the ring finger of your right hand, it signifies a commitment. In any case, the alliances must have a sober design and not extravagant colors. As a reminder, the ring finger symbolizes three aspects, namely love, beauty and creativity.

Little finger ring

The little finger is the smallest finger and it is positioned on the outside of your hand. To tell the truth, this is an appropriate finger for wearing a ring. This is the best place to get your message across. Besides, it seems less awkward compared to other fingers which have somewhat complex positions. Moreover, we retain that the symbolism of the little finger is intelligence. It reflects an ability to convince and solve life's problems. Ultimately, we remember that there are no firm conventions concerning the wearing of the ring on this or that hand.

Exceptionally , the wedding ring is worn on the little finger of the left hand. It is up to everyone to choose how you will wear your ring. Everything is based on the cultural tradition of each other. Only, consider understanding the symbolism of the ring on a specific fingering.

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