What your rings say about you...

Tell me what ring to put on I'll tell you who you are.

Our hands are often offered in full view and despite ourselves give a lot of information about our personality and our aspirations. Here's a fun little guide to find out a bit more about you, based on which finger you wear your ring(s). Indeed, do not we say that the jewel brings out our personality?

Jewels speak much more than we think and are sometimes, without our knowledge, precious indicators of our private life marriage, children, inheritance... it is sometimes easy to learn about you without even having to talk to you. So find out now what your rings say about you!

Do you wear a thumb ring?

The thumb is the finger of renewal. If you wear a ring there, you are surely creative and sensitive. In general, we count on you to motivate the troops! In addition, you are rather original (this practice is not the most common) and you seek to stand out or prove a certain form of independence.

Do you wear a ring on your index finger?

You are very organized if you wear a ring on your middle finger. You like to set up and enforce the rules. Even if you have confidence in yourself, the recognition of others is very important to you, the middle finger being the finger of self-image.

Do you wear a ring on your ring finger?

It is obviously the finger of the alliance. You certainly have an affective personality and turned towards others since it is the finger of commitment and, of course, of union!

Do you wear a ring on your little finger?

You are resolutely turned towards the future if you wear your ring on this finger, that of thought and emotion. Curious by nature, you have a multitude of projects and dreams that populate your mind.

What if the ring is not the right size?

There are different possibilities, if unfortunately you could not get the right size but you absolutely want to keep the ring.

If the ring is too small, the only possibilities are:

  • to wear it on another finger or even as a pendant
  • or sizing by a jeweler: this is a very common service in jewelry, but there are cases where it will not be possible.

For example if there is too great a difference between the current size and the desired size or if you have a ring model that would not be suitable for sizing (set stones, structure or pattern on the ring).

If the ring is too big, you can:

  • Cut to size by a jeweler
  • Wedging the ring with another discreet or matching ring
  • Use a silicone or plastic reducer
  • Attach marbles inside the ring

Finally it is not so complicated not to be mistaken. And it will save you from lingering over a ring that is not the right size for you.

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