Curly hair and earrings...How to choose?


Just like jewelry, our hair is an accessory. Pairing earrings with a hairstyle isn't always easy. We are going to give you some tips to be as irresistible as possible with Lilloubella Paris earrings.

The multiple models of Lilloubella earrings: hoop earrings, dangling earrings will highlight your curly hair as well as your outfits. Our earrings can be adorned with gemstones. Feel free to combine bracelets and rings for a perfect mix and match!


When you have short or tied hair, do not hesitate to highlight your neck with pearls or fine stones such as turquoise or other natural stones. We suggest splendid hoop earrings . Combine them with an accumulation of pendant necklace to magnify your neckline.


Nothing better than a pair of bulky, XXL or atypical earrings to bring out your pretty mane. You can pair them with bracelets or cuffs.

We are often short of ideas to accessorize our hairstyles. To give you inspiration to give a touch of originality to your curly hair, visit our online store Lilloubella Paris .

Opt for pearls and shells.

Together or individually, pearl and shell curls will enhance your curly hair. As for pearls, you have a choice of colors and shapes. Colored pearls to bring color to your hairstyle, transparent for more discretion or black which will go with all types of curly hair. On the other hand, with regard to the shells, it is not necessary just any. Indeed, opt for the essential cowries. Historically, these shells were used as money, today they are still used but as jewelry or decorative objects. The cowries will add an exotic and historical touch to your hairstyle.

Only the inner explosion can shine. The jewels we offer are, moreover, only an incredible little touch that will accentuate who you already are.

It is no longer to prove that jewelry is one of the essential accessories to enhance your look. Just like the style of dress you adopt, your jewelry can give a glimpse of your personality.
Our mission is to allow women to bring a unique and singular touch to your look.

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