Choosing the right ring size?

How to choose the right ring size?

The first thing to do before embarking on the purchase of a ring is of course to know the size you are interested in!

Are you looking for a ring to offer for a beautiful marriage proposal? Are you looking for a nugget to please you? Buying a ring online can be complicated and yet, there are many techniques to avoid making mistakes! Before you start, take the time to find your ideal size! This is all the more important when one is interested in second-hand jewellery, and therefore on pieces generally in a single quantity.

Each finger has its own size!
It's common sense, but in the excitement, it's the kind of detail you can put aside. As each finger of the hand has a different size, it is necessary to know on which finger the ring will be worn. For the more traditional you will find here some indications on the meaning of wearing a ring according to the fingers. And for the others, it's up to you!

Why choose the right ring size?

A question that may seem strange but faced with a crush, all means are good to carry it! And yet...
If your ring is too small: it will already be difficult to fit! And if you ever manage to force it through, it may get stuck and cut off your circulation. There are several ways to remove the ring safely. But if nothing works you will unfortunately have to cut the ring (especially do not try to do it yourself but at a jeweler!).
If your ring is too big: you risk losing it. It would be a shame to lose a nugget that has been picked up for a long time. It may also warp. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the ring can be very damaged due to deformation, the set stones can fall. And what's more, you increase the risk of snagging your ring and tearing your finger off...

How do I know if the ring size is the right one?

The right size is the ring which, once worn, does not present any discomfort but which remains well maintained. By making a few movements of the hand the ring should not slip.

How to measure finger size?

Know that in jewelry we talk about the size of the finger.

The jeweler uses a ring sizer, it's a tool that looks like a big key ring. It is made of several rings of different diameters attached to a large loop. Thanks to the ring sizer, you can test several ring sizes to find the one that suits you best. If you don't have the ability to check your finger size with a jeweller's ring sizer, you can also use a self-made ring sizer.

For this you have to take a model available on the internet. It will look like a ribbon when cut. By wrapping the ring sizer around your finger, you will have the indication of the correct size. It is also possible to measure the size from an existing ring (you must choose a ring that is worn on the desired finger of course!). Just print our ring sizer and test the ring on the different circles corresponding to each size. The circle that best fits inside the ring, that is to say whose line must be perfectly aligned and invisible, will tell you the size of the ring. If the line is visible, the size is smaller than that of the measured ring. So you will have to take the larger size.

These 2 techniques are easy to use however it is necessary to make sure that the printing of the model is done in real size. Otherwise the measurements are wrong. Another technique is to use thread or ribbon. Wrap the wire or ribbon and mark where it closes. Then with a ruler you have to measure up to the marking. You will have the diameter of your finger. Knowing that in France the size of the rings corresponds to the diameter, if you measure 51.5 mm or 52 mm then you will have to take the size 52.
The difference between 2 sizes which follow each other being small, we recommend that you, if you have the possibility, give preference to a visit to a neighborhood jeweler to precisely measure your finger circumference.

A few tips!

As hands and fingers are sensitive to temperature, do not check your finger size with cold hands. Cold fingers are slightly thinner. So the chosen size will be too small. Also prefer the end of the day when the finger is wider.
To be sure that the ring slips on without blocking, always measure the widest part of the finger.























PLEASE NOTE: The table above shows the standard ring sizes. It is possible that these sizes vary according to certain models of rings.
If the finger circumference is between two sizes, it is advisable to take the larger size.

What if the ring is not the right size?

There are different possibilities, if unfortunately you could not get the right size but you absolutely want to keep the ring.

If the ring is too small, the only possibilities are:

  • to wear it on another finger or even as a pendant
  • or sizing by a jeweler: this is a very common service in jewelry, but there are cases where it will not be possible.

For example if there is too great a difference between the current size and the desired size or if you have a ring model that would not be suitable for sizing (set stones, structure or pattern on the ring).

If the ring is too big, you can:

  • Cut to size by a jeweler
  • Wedging the ring with another discreet or matching ring
  • Use a silicone or plastic reducer
  • Attach marbles inside the ring

Finally it is not so complicated not to be mistaken. And it will save you from lingering over a ring that is not the right size for you.

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