Choose your couple bracelet?

How to choose your couple bracelet?

The couple bracelet is a jewel, an accessory with great sentimental value. It makes the couple happy and brings them a certain harmony. The Tibetan and Buddhist couple bracelet facilitates meditation and brings energy, balance, harmony, well-being and dynamism to the couple. Here are some tips for choosing the right couple bracelet and the advantages it can bring for a more harmonious life as a couple.

There are several Tibetan bracelets for couples and unisex bracelets. The materials that make up the Tibetan and Buddhist beaded bracelet are mainly natural stones and sometimes a zinc alloy. Each type of natural stone corresponds to a particular virtue. Lava stone gives self-confidence, facilitates social integration, harmony with nature and a sense of security.

Tiger's eye brings energy and lasting relationships in the couple. The amazonite and the aventurine allow a good listening to oneself, help to make good decisions and to make good choices. Quartz brings generosity, sensitivity, joy, love, self-confidence, social integration within a relationship.

There is also a wide range of colors, each providing specific benefits. The white color for example fights against doubt, the violet stone brings wisdom and optimism. The blue stone releases the chakra of the senses and acts on intelligence, memory, creativity and discernment.

The beaded couple bracelet is designed with top quality natural stones. The crown is made with a copper alloy and the natural stone beads have a diameter of 8 mm. The black couple bracelet represents the pillar of a couple. Black symbolizes the color of the 1st chakra, the energy that must feed your couple.

The tiger's eye symbolizes the color of the 2nd chakra, it is the sacral chakra. This chakra brings more spontaneity and creativity to its carrier and promotes a harmonious sex life. White and white gray form the color of the chakra on the crown and are associated with clairvoyance.

Lilloubella created the "Couple Bracelets" to allow those who are separated to believe in love, to feel connected and to see each other again one day.
The distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet knowing you miss each other all the time.

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