How to have a bohemian chic look?

Fashion allows us to feel ourselves in our social relationships but also to make our place there. It is today a true means of expression. Because we have at our disposal clothes and accessories at all prices.

But then, how to have a bohemian chic look?

Here are 7 tips to definitely boost your bohemian look:

  • Get creative! The bohemian look is not set in stone, so it's up to you to choose what suits you.
  • Don't give yourself a barrier! Bohemian women's fashion is an opportunity to explore all kinds of things. Long or short, loose or tight outfits, it's up to you to accessorize them, especially with bohemian jewelry, to give them style.
  • Dare to mix! Mixtures of colors and floral or ethnic prints are the hallmark of the bohemian look. They are the ones who will sign your bohemian style.
  • Use second-hand clothes and accessories! The bohemian look easily accommodates vintage accessories: belts, bags, scarves or old or ethnic blouses. Do not hesitate to mix them with more recent pieces from your wardrobe. They will bring authenticity to your bohemian look.
  • Incorporate noble and natural materials! leather (or imitation), skin, cotton, linen are to be preferred.
  • Accumulate bohemian jewelry! Bohemian women's fashion loves the multiplication of jewelry. Colorful jewelry is preferred, of course. Rings, bracelets and necklaces can be worn in abundance and in accumulation. And wear hoop earrings , characteristic of this fashion.
  • Put some turquoise in your life! Turquoise is, without a doubt, the color of bohemian fashion.

Finally, the bonus tip: Ultimate tip, wear fringed accessories: bags, clutches, jackets, boots, fringes are everywhere in your bohemian look. They are the marker of your bohemian look.

Bohemian women's fashion is colorful fashion.

The bohemian style is, indeed, very colorful. It is flowery and graphic at the same time. It is a mix of several ethnic tendencies, Native American, hippie, etc. And it invites you to travel, a change of scenery and freedom.

All the pieces of a bohemian wardrobe look vintage or brought back from distant travels. The jewels are artisanal, sometimes rustic like Brazilian bracelets, simple ribbons or colored threads around the wrist. Rings are also worn in abundance, often with turquoise stones which perfectly reflect this style.

Also think of the ultimate signature, since the 60s, of the bohemian look: the presence of fringes on all boho clothing and accessories. Boots, jackets, tops, bags, fringes and pompoms are present everywhere. Do not hesitate to abuse it if you want to adopt this look.

Finally, for a bohemian chic or boho chic look, the style will be accompanied by high heels which will make it more couture. A suit jacket, offset by faded jeans and a floral blouse, and some jewelry, can also bring more chic.

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