How to choose the right natural stone necklace?

Do you want to put on an original, trendy jewel capable of rebalancing your energies? Are you a lithotherapy enthusiast? The natural stone necklace remains the accessory you need to make your dream come true.

However, choosing the model that suits you best is not as easy as it seems. Find in this guide tips and tricks for choosing your natural stone necklace.

The benefits of stone.

Not all natural stones have the same benefits. It may happen that several stones have common virtues. It is therefore important to focus on what you want to improve in your body or your life. For example, for people who show fear of failure in the face of any type of project, carnelian remains this natural stone that will be able to soothe them.

There are several lithotherapy specialists who have the skills and knowledge to help you choose the right natural stone necklace.

The color of the stone.

This criterion is decisive in the virtues that the stone of your necklace can present. Not only does it allow the necklace to have a certain elegance and a refined style, but also characterizes its benefits. This is one of the reasons why in lithotherapy, color makes it possible to categorize natural stones.

For example, a black natural stone offers protection from negative waves. This is not the case with red or orange stones which are decisive in motivation and liveliness. There are other equally important criteria for making the best choice.

For more assurance, it is advisable to be accompanied by a lithotherapy professional.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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