How to properly wear hoop earrings?

How to wear hoop earrings...

Hoop earrings are making a comeback in fashion boutiques. They are increasingly worn by models and some stars. Their gigantic shapes make them the essential accessory if you want to bring a certain look to your clothing. To successfully wear them, you must first learn how to choose them well.

Which model to choose?

Hoop earrings are directly reminiscent of the round earrings that had managed to be all the rage in the 90s. Indeed, those of today are very popular and come in different materials, sizes and varied styles. Women love them because they easily match all their looks.

If you are looking for a rather chic style, it is advisable to opt for hoop earrings with very delicate little rhinestones. This will allow you to create a sparkling reflection around you. It is also possible to choose hoops covered with diamond effect. They will imitate the dust of precious stones.

This kind of hoop earrings gives the feminine look much more shine and light. However, if you have the necessary means, it will be necessary to opt for creoles covered with real diamonds. This is the ideal jewel that you can associate with a jumpsuit, pants, or an evening dress.

Originality and fantasy.

The hoops with the more elaborate shapes will surely interest you if you prefer daring looks. There are shuttle, heart and wavy shapes. However, if you want to bring more magic to your ensemble, you will have to opt for a pair of star-shaped hoops.

You will also find originality in certain materials used which offer a very varied textured effect. Thus, to succeed in boosting your look, you can choose a creole which will be accessorized with sparkling tassels or colored pompoms. You should also think about adapting your hoop earrings to the shape of your face.

Adapt to the shape of the face.

The principle at this level is quite simple and unambiguous. To allow your hoops to highlight your face, there should be no resemblance between them and the shape of your face. In other words, if your face has a round shape, it is advisable not to choose hoops that will accentuate this roundness.

Hoop earrings are particularly recommended for people with an elongated or oval face. It is also possible for people with another type of face to opt for round models. On the other hand, if you have a round face, you will have to choose creoles made in fanciful shapes (star, heart, etc.), equipped with chains or pompoms.

The ideal hairstyle to enhance your hoop earrings.

It would not be acceptable to wear hoop earrings hidden by your hair. It is therefore appropriate to choose a hairstyle that will allow you to have clear ears and highlight your hoop earrings. For example, you can opt for short cuts. They are perfect for highlighting your hoop earrings. However, you also have the possibility of making a fuzzy bun or braids which will however have to be connected to the bottom of the skull.

Observe the size of your hoops.

At this level, everything will depend on your desires and your habits. It is not easy for some people to wear large hoop earrings. However, they are currently very trendy. Take into account your desires while not forgetting your style.

Chunky hoop earrings are perfect for creating a feminine or casual look. They allow the women who wear them to have a glamorous look. On the other hand, the small hoops guarantee them great elegance with a very refined look.

You will find on the market hoop earrings with different sizes (from 10 mm to more). It will then be necessary to choose several sizes to better enhance your looks.

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