How to choose these fancy earrings?

How to choose these fancy earrings?

Nowadays, more and more people often opt for fashion jewelry. It is a type of jewelry accessible for all classes of society. If you want to buy fancy earrings, you have to check a few criteria. It is a type that comes in many shapes, patterns and colors.
It is especially necessary to check the composition of the metal, because the wrong materials can harm your health. But how to proceed? Read on to find out more.

Why wear costume jewelry?
Costume jewelry has become trendy accessories. They are widely popular for their affordability. Large fancy necklaces, fancy bracelets, fancy earrings, a wide variety of models meets all needs.

It should be noted that we can tell the difference between a simple jewel and a costume jewel at a first glance through:

  • Design ;
  • The material of manufacture;
  • The price.

A costume jewel can sublimate clothes and outfits just like other handcrafted jewels. The latter is now available in several models that meet all tastes. You have the choice between refined, colorful, original, elegant or sober costume jewellery, it all depends on your tastes.
You can find costume jewelry in the market with different colors, textures and materials. Each person can find a piece that can adapt perfectly to their personality and their style of dress.

The major advantage of costume jewelry is that they are offered at attractive prices and that they are accessible to everyone. You can then bring several coins. Jewelry designers are coming up with more and more designs of lovely and fabulous bracelets, hair jewelry, rings and earrings to satisfy everyone.

Choose these fancy earrings?

The first thing to check when buying fancy earrings is the composition of the metal. What is harmful to health is the existence of lead in some alloys. Once passed through the skin of the ears, the lead can reach the blood, which can lead to abscesses.
The part that will go into the ear piercing must be checked well to avoid any problems that may harm your health.

It is advisable to avoid this type of problem, to opt for protection on the part that will go into the ears.
It is not recommended to keep fancy earrings worn at night, as they can cause injuries or damage the skin of the ear. You can opt for drop earrings if you have long hair. Opt for shorter curls if you have short hair.

If you are very bronze, you can choose imitation pearls in ear studs or in pendant earrings, they make it possible to soften the face. Do not hesitate to wear colorful fancy earrings when the weather is nice. Leave the pearly beads for the evenings.

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