How to choose your jewel? The challenge of being yourself.


You are brave enough to be yourself.
As Albert Camus said: "Being different is neither a good nor a bad thing".
We too often lock ourselves into patterns that allow us not to really exist and to clearly affirm our convictions.

We are, in fact, imprisoned by an immense pressure coming from the outside world: the judgment of others, our culture, our education, our religion, classic patterns to which we should naturally adhere without hesitation, the desire not to disappoint those that we love, those who would be led to think and reason differently...

We compromise too much with what we are; one does not dare to impose one's deep identity and to assume one's true convictions. It is, indeed, difficult to assert oneself in this world where one would give the impression of freedom and respect, but ultimately leaving too little room for the true identity of each one.

So, how to impose yourself without disturbing too much?

We all need recognition. It is a natural need, both physiological and sociological, since it is this recognition that confirms our value to us, that responds to our need to feel loved and accepted by those around us, to feel that we belong to a group.

Gratitude is essential to our survival, without it, we wither, we depress. It confirms our value, our belonging to the group, we feel worthy of interest, it influences self-confidence.

All the difficulty lies in the fact that without the recognition of others, we are nothing, and yet it is the gaze of others that finally prevents us from really existing. So what to do? Freeing oneself from the need for recognition requires self-confidence, and self-confidence is built on self-esteem which can be tainted by certain words and behaviors of toxic relationships.

So learn to recognize toxic behaviors and get rid of them. Have the audacity to be yourself and to embody your deep identity in this world where it is sometimes difficult to assert yourself.

Have the courage to be yourself!

Despite the judgment of others, and disregarding this need for recognition that the latter represents.
Do not compromise with who we are, and dare to impose our deepest identity on this world. If you shine in your inner core, our jewelry will be all the more beautiful when you wear it real.

Only the inner explosion can shine. The jewels we offer are, moreover, only an incredible little touch that will accentuate who you already are. We add a few small aesthetic details to this inner explosion, this real beauty that characterizes you. This is the objective and the concept of our brand Lilloubella Paris . When you like a fashion accessory, a piece of clothing, a jewel, don't ask yourself the question of what will be said about it? Where, how and for what occasion should you wear this piece? This jewel, as imposing as it is, if it attracts you, and if you have the impression of shining and existing while wearing it, have the audacity to put it on and be sublimated as you rarely do. have been. You will thus carry everything in your path... You will be liberated, in beauty, and proud to exist!


It is no longer to prove that jewelry is one of the essential accessories to enhance your look. Just like the style of dress you adopt, your jewelry can give a glimpse of your personality.

Our mission is to allow women to bring a unique and singular touch to your look.

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Beauty, sharing, and love are the very essence of our brand.

So if you too are, or you know a distinguished woman who shares the same values, and who loves jewelry, you can join us by sharing our universe. You will have the opportunity to earn commissions and discover our new products one day before everybody.

Feel beautiful every day with Lilloubella.

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