Amber in your jewelry? Aesthetics or benefit?

Put some amber in your jewelry box!

Renowned for soothing many ailments, it delights babies and their young parents.

Indeed, necklaces with orange-yellow stones are often recommended to relieve the teething of toddlers. Since antiquity, in addition to its aesthetic side, necklaces with orange-yellow stones have been known for their therapeutic virtues.

In the era of mental and physical overload, many people feel the need to get closer to nature and the benefits that plants or stones can bring us. It has become customary to treat your ailments in a natural way without necessarily going through the “medicines” box.

Homeopathy, lithotherapy and other natural remedies are now used by the most skeptical in the past. Their benefits have been proven and natural stone jewelry has been popular for some time. Even if we often tend to choose a jewel for its aesthetic side and the color of its stones, find out about the virtues of each of them and wear or keep close to you the stone or stones that will relieve your ailments. .

Whether you suffer from stress, sleep disorders, lack of self-confidence, you just need to find the stone that will act positively on your body.

Combine well-being and coquetry by choosing amber jewelry.

Their warm color which is reminiscent of the sun will wrap you in softness and serenity. The color variation can have different shades, amber is sometimes yellow, honey, orange, cognac… Even if in jewelry it is used as a gem, amber is not a stone. It has nothing mineral, since it is a vegetable resin.

Amber is worn on many jewels such as necklaces or bracelets, this stone can also be worn as a pendant with a chain. If you prefer to wear earrings or a ring you will have no trouble finding some with amber too. Most often associated with silver which blends wonderfully with the honey color of amber, it is also possible to obtain an amber jewel mounted on a gold chain. Amber jewelry is trendy and up-to-date, it is easy to wear every day and allows you to assert a bohemian, natural style.

You will particularly appreciate amber jewelry if you are sensitive to natural materials and if you like to wear trendy and original jewelry. Choose the benefits and warm colors of amber and adorn yourself with serenity and golden softness every day.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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