Distance and love... How to keep the links?

Your partner is going on a long journey. You won't be able to continue seeing each other as usual and you fear that your relationship is taking a hit. Relax! It's not likely to happen. In this article, we provide you with valuable advice to keep the bond with your lover at a distance.

Give each other a present.

Love is a wonder when you experience it close to each other. Fortunately, it can still be even in case of distance. You just have to know how to live it.
Indeed, it may happen that your prince or your princess is led to leave you for distant horizons, and worse for a long time. One of the best ways to maintain contact with him or her so that your love continues to shine brightly is to exchange symbolic gifts before the "separation". You will wear them at all times so that you never stop thinking about each other. You can offer yourself, for example, bracelets for couples in love which, around your respective wrists, will reveal themselves to you as a part of your love which accompanies you everywhere.

Be attentive despite the distance.

Many people justify the failure of their relationship by the distance that has developed. But one of the main factors of failure is often the lack of attention. Close or far from each other, you and your partner must strive to show attention to each other.

Attention is the water with which the fragile flower of love must be watered daily. Otherwise, it withers, dries up and dies. Surprise your partner. Send him gifts he doesn't expect. Stay tuned. Take an interest in his every concern and work out solutions with him. Invest in him and do all you can despite the distance to help him.

Continue to fulfill your carnal desires.

A prolonged absence of sex can lead you or your partner to infidelity, and possibly to a breakup. It is absolutely possible to have sex from a distance. The internet now makes almost anything possible.

We are talking about cybersex. You and your partner can send each other erotic messages, photos or videos. You can also use the webcam to see yourself directly and please yourself. There are even erotic toys that can be guided remotely and with the help of which you and your partner can come into physical contact with each other.

Lilloubella created the "Couple Bracelets" to allow those who are separated to believe in love, to feel connected and to see each other again one day.
The distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet knowing you miss each other all the time.

A gift to offer?

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