Where do our natural jewels come from?

Our natural jewels* are selected with the greatest care.
Our official supplier is based in Paris , it has its own manufacturing plants where it receives raw stones* from all over the world which it shapes into pearls. The stones are selected for their quality and brilliance.
Natural jewelry is trendy and will stay in tune with the times. Jewelry that appeals to both women and men. Necklaces made with unexpected colors and stunning aspects, earrings with an amber ornament with subtle vibrations, jewelry with a natural design made from noble materials, fine stones, luminous mother-of-pearl, pearls or natural wood.
Natural materials that blend with all personalities.
So why deprive yourself of natural jewelry?

* Some of our stones are synthetic stones, they take on the physical characteristics of natural stone.

*What is a synthetic stone worth?
If a synthetic stone can look like two drops of water to a natural stone, or even exceed it in terms of beauty, its market value is low. Natural stone is found in nature, but may however have undergone treatment to improve its strength or appearance.

* For ecological reasons some of our stones are manufactured by our official supplier in a laboratory, in order to reproduce the physical and chemical properties of a natural stone.

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