Want unlimited free jewelry?

Become our next ambassador!

Do you dream of representing and supporting our brand, of sharing your passion for jewelry with your community, so why not become our brand ambassador?

What is it to be an ambassador? First of all, being an ambassador is a bit like being a spokesperson for a brand. Choose a company whose values you share, appreciate the jewelry of the brand in question that you want to help develop. These are essential points, because to be credible and to highlight our brand on your social networks, you have to be convinced!

Who can become an ambassador?

Being an ambassador isn't just for people with a lot of social media followers. Anyone can become one, you just have to want it! Also, it is not essential to be present on social networks. By becoming an ambassador, you can also promote the brand by talking to your loved ones, your family, your colleagues. It's open to anyone who wants it!

The key is not measured by the number of subscribers who follow you, being a good ambassador necessarily involves being active! On its networks or with your loved ones, take the time to talk about our brand, to explain its advantages, how it stands out, why it seduces you. For us, it is also important that our ambassadors produce quality content. So pay close attention to the brightness, to the highlighting of our jewelry, to write a short note about the store, offer dynamic content that will interest your audience. And don't forget to share your promotional offer!

Do you have a lot of followers but no interaction with your content?

It may be because you don't take enough time to get to know your community and interact with them. It's very important to establish a relationship of trust with the people who follow you. For that, you have to be sincere: only talk about a brand if you really use its products. Otherwise you risk losing credibility, for example do not promote a brand of coffee if you never drink it.

Do you dream of merging PASSION and MONEY?

Are you passionate about the Lilloubella universe, or are you simply looking for additional income?

We are delighted to offer you a great partnership with us!

How it works ?
By signing up for the affiliate program, you will get affiliate links that will allow you to earn commission 10% off every sale made through you.
When a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, a cookie with a lifespan of 7 days is activated. If he orders one of our products, you will be awarded a commission thanks to this cookie, and you will be able to automatically earn commissions on all his future orders.

You have a blog, a website, a Youtube account or a pro account on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… Affiliate marketing is therefore a great online way to monetize (or increase your income).


- 15% discount for each order placed with your code.

- Receive our newsletters with tips for making the most of commissions.

- Discover before everyone else our promotional codes our special offers and receive free jewellery*!


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  • Blanchard

    Je serai ravie de connaître d’avantages articles de votre marque tout en partageant à mes abonnés et mon entourage.
    A très vite.

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