Playing sports with these jewels?

Can we do sports with this jewelry?

More and more people are exercising regularly. Whether for team sports or individual sports, more and more of us are letting off steam on sports fields or hiking and running paths. Find some advice to find out if wearing jewelry is compatible with your sporting activity...

For team sports:

Generally all of this sport can generate contacts (wanted or not). A collective sport is defined as any game in which physical contact between two players is accepted as part of the practice of sport. In this case, the idea of wearing jewelry, particularly of the costume jewelry type, is certainly not the best. Indeed it can concern sports with strong contact (rugby, football) or sports that can generate unwanted contact such as basketball.

Why not wear jewelry? First of all, you can use your jewel to injure one of your opponents on the ground, some sports forbid the wearing of jewels (like FootBall). Thus, if you wear a large ring or a bracelet, you can seriously injure another person, but you can also injure yourself with a ring that inadvertently pushes into your skin. .
Earrings are also a bad idea and can be painful if worn during sports. Indeed, a shock of a balloon with your ear can sometimes break an earring in the best of cases, or even tear off part of your earlobe.
So there is a risk that the jewelry will be damaged during your sports activity, it is better not to wear it so as not to risk damaging the jewelry or injuring your opponents.

For water sports:

When it comes to doing a sport in an aquatic universe, it is better to leave the jewelry at home. Although the risk of injury is almost non-existent, the jewelry itself is at risk of being damaged, especially when it comes to sports like diving or swimming. Water sports jewelry is also a bad idea for contact with salt water or chlorinated water. This can damage your jewellery, depending on the material of the latter, which may require additional maintenance, especially if it is a steel jewellery. Last risk considered, the pure and simple loss of your jewel. Indeed, your jewel can come off or break, and you will lose your accessory forever.

For running:

When practicing running, only one item of jewelery can be considered essential (the watch). However, this jewel is not a jewel made to highlight your beauty but rather to measure the performance of your race. So, looking at a watch, these accessories are clearly not there to show off your wrists, but rather to give you feedback on your running performance. Even for some women, the watch is a real fashion gem. As you will have understood, no other piece of jewelery is recommended for running, for various reasons:

- A risk of breaking your jewelry.

- Conditions that can damage your jewelry: sweat, rain, etc.

- Discomfort for your running performance.

Finally, even if you want to be pretty during your runs, forget about jewelry to show off!

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