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We should celebrate moms every day, but this day allows us to think back to them, and to the special memories we have had since our childhood. Out of ideas for your Mother's Day gifts? New things await you. Jewelry that will make you happy for sure!

Our Mom ring

New online in our CERCEI RINGS collections...
Mom rings are here to celebrate Mother's Day with you and to give them only love!!
With its openwork heart, the Mom ring will declare all the love you have for your mom and on a daily basis she will bring love and cheerfulness to her days 💐 💓

Available in silver or gold steel

Zoom & details on the golden MOM ring

Isn't our MOM ring beautiful?
The Mom ring is fully adjustable and fits all finger sizes, just tighten or loosen the ring body. Made of stainless steel, it is resistant to water, perfumes and the natural acidities of your skin.

Our personalized box!

With this customizable box , we have thought of all styles and all budgets. We are committed to making your box as beautiful as possible 👌 . Our jewels from our Lilloubella collections are selected, made by us ❤️ .

Our couple bracelets

Be connected with your love of your infinite life!

Lilloubella created the " Couple Bracelets " to allow those who are separated to believe in love, to feel connected and to see each other again one day. The distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet knowing you miss each other all the time.

Why deprive yourself of natural jewelry?

Our natural jewels are selected with the greatest care.
Our official supplier is based in Paris, it has its own manufacturing plants where it receives raw stones from all over the world which it shapes into pearls.
The stones are selected for their quality and brilliance. Add a touch of well-being to your daily life!
Natural materials that blend with all personalities.

Personalized Letter Rings

Personalize the Gold letter ring with the initial of his first name or even better of his child, what could be better than carrying the initial of the love of his life 💓 .
The Gold letter ring is available in gold or silver steel, you will find them in our CERCEI Rings collections  .

The CERCEI Rings collections are collections of adjustable rings and are suitable for all finger sizes.

Our e-gift cards

You want to please but you have no idea what she would like as a gift , there is always a risk of disappointing her.

We have the solution !

You can order an e-gift card.

- Card sent by e-mail within 48 hours after the order.

- For the lucky recipient: the use will be done with a confidential code.

- Several visuals available.


The e-gift cards are sent by e-mail within 48 hours after the order. Like the discount codes, click on the "Promo code" box and enter your card code. The reduction will then be deducted from the total of your order and you can proceed to the following stages of validation of your order. The validity period of an e-gift card is 1 year from the date of purchase “can be used only once.“

E-gift cards cannot give rise to any exchange or refund (total or partial) because the usage information is sent by email and received immediately.

-10% for your first order

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