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Stand out with our Cercei ring!

Discover our new CERCEI RINGS collections, on the Lilloubella Paris online store. Personalize your ring with the initial of your choice. Want to get noticed when you go out? At Lilloubella we are passionate about making high quality jewelry at a fair price for everyone. With our rings from our Cercei collection, you no longer need to adjust the finger size. Suitable for all finger sizes!

It's up to you to adjust the size by tightening or loosening the ring body. In addition to being adjustable and suitable for all finger sizes, the Cercei ring collections also have their little secret...

Are you stressed? you need to relax? So that's where the chain of our Cercei ring collections will come into play...
All you have to do is massage the balls that are at the level of the chain on the inside of the palm of your hand, with the hand on which you wear the ring.

You can place your ring on the ring finger to make it easier or on the middle finger, and do not hesitate to gently massage it and this will bring you a moment of relaxation.
The balls of the chain have an anti-stress effect because of the massage they will provide inside the palm of your hand. It is believed that these beads seem to activate different acupressure points, located in the palm of the hand, and the flow of energy is then enhanced.
Feel free to form your own opinion! In no case will it hurt you.

The fashion world has taken over astrology.

From jewelry to clothing and other accessories of all kinds, everyone can display their high and proud star sign in their own way.

Whether we believe in it or whether we are skeptical, astrology has something fascinating... Stand out by displaying your astrological sign right to your fingertips with our magnificent Astro Rings CERCEI collection.

To be found in gold or silver, the rings in our CERCEI collections are water resistant and fully adjustable and they are suitable for all finger sizes!

You will find your astrological sign among our CERCEI rings collections *both in gold and silver 💍

This ring will allow each of you to wear your own initial by displaying the flag(s) of your country.

So? Which flag(s) will you carry?

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Our collection is updated regularly, our Stocks are Limited if you like a piece of jewelry, don't wait for it to be out of stock!
-10% for your first order!

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