The Power of Tiger's Eye...


Tiger's eye is the ultimate amulet!
It is said that in Roman times, certain gladiators wore a tiger's eye amulet around their neck, supposed to make them avoid sword blows. At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic, the American Indians, saw in this stone which they called them "wolf's eye", the same protective properties and made Talismans of it which were given to the warriors by Shamans but also to hunters, for the alleged benefits of this stone on concentration and therefore on clairvoyance.

It is from Asia that the name Tiger's eye comes to us, which seems obvious when observing the gem. Golden yellow-brown to red-brown in color (then sometimes called bull's eye), this gem has a chatoyance that is indeed reminiscent of the Iris of the king of the cats! However, it is as much by the symbolism as by its physical appearance that the Chinese would have attributed its name to it: The tiger, in Asia, is the very incarnation of power and protection... precisely the recognized properties of this stone.

A true talisman, supposed to repel negative energies, just like black onyx, for example.
Disturbing, isn't it, to observe so many similarities in cultures and civilizations that geography opposes and to see how much the virtues attributed to semi-precious stones overlap throughout the world!

Here is the historical anecdote, but do you know this fascinating stone?

Tiger's Eye: Nature, Properties and Virtues.

It is a very hard variety of quartz, the chemical composition of which is silicon dioxide, which contains quartz, hematite and amphibole of the asbestos family, but stabilized, it is absolutely not dangerous.

Brown-yellow-golden tones are the most common, but the colors offered by this stone cover a wider range of the color spectrum, depending on the temperature at which the minerals were formed. We thus find varieties of red-brown tiger's eye called bull's eye, but also blue-yellow, we then speak of hawk's eye. Be careful, do not confuse tiger's eye with chrysocolla, also called cat's eye, which has the same shimmering properties, but completely different virtues.

Each of these stones offers characteristic visual properties, called chatoyance, due to the nature of crocidolite fibres. It is without a doubt this association of original colors and these very particular optical effects which have always provoked the fascination and stimulated the creativity of jewelers and goldsmiths all over the world, especially since there are deposits in the four corners of the planet (South Africa, United States, Australia, Burma, India, China...).

For millennia, healing shamans and other Chinese doctors have attributed many therapeutic virtues to this mineral, which makes it an essential gem for lithotherapy enthusiasts! The Chinese claim that it harmonizes yin and yang, the Indians consider it as a stone acting on the crown chakra and therefore use it to treat all diseases related in particular to the pituitary gland, it is used to strengthen the metabolism and relieve asthma attacks, by its action on the plexus and the diaphragm, it would act on gastric acidity and would be used to calm colic of emotional origin, it would also act on the adrenal glands.

Tiger eye and astrological signs.

In Astrology, this tiger's eye stone is attached to the sun, it would particularly suit the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn.

Natural stone jewellery: tiger's eye, obvious.

Simple bracelet of round tiger eye beads, elastic bracelet or strung on a silver chain, earrings - chips or pendants with different settings, necklace or silver pendant or medallion with a polished stone like an amulet, with pearls smooth and raw or cut with facets, this gem comes in a multitude of shapes, especially since the creation of jewelry is stimulated by the virtues of the tiger eye stone.

Here are a few benefits.

The benefits that are attributed to this stone both in lithotherapy and in parallel medicines, Chinese or Indian: the tiger's eye would ward off bad waves, would strengthen the solar plexus (placed on the third eye, the stone would strengthen the lower chakras), would improve concentration and calm the nerves, it is also the stone of motivation and perseverance... recommended sometimes for students, sometimes for depressed people.

It is obvious that these properties, virtues and powers of the stones are given following empirical findings, they cannot replace medical treatment!

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