What is the red thread? All to know in 2 minutes.

What is the meaning of the red string bracelet?

According to Kabbalah, a red thread worn around the left wrist helps ward off the evil eye. Jewish custom sees it as a reference with the story of the Matriarch Rachel. According to the Bible, she had difficulty giving birth and it was while giving birth to her son Benjamin that she died. Red threads were then wrapped around her grave to mark their coming and keep a memory of this pious woman.

The common thread in other religions.

While the red thread is most commonly linked to Kabbalah, this custom is also practiced in other faiths like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

If each religion has its own mystical beliefs, in all cases the red thread is a symbol that keeps negative energies away.

In Buddhism, the color red has a very important importance. She intercedes over a person's life and sustenance. The color red also symbolizes strength, courage and recklessness. Wearing a red thread means that one must show compassion towards others. You have to be careful with his words, because they can cut deeper than a sword.

Why does Kabbalah recommend wearing a red string bracelet?

Kabbalistic beliefs are that in order to succeed in life and achieve all of your goals, it is necessary to protect yourself from all negative thoughts but also from bad people. According to custom, the red thread bracelet should be worn on the left wrist "closest to the heart" so that the protective energies are sealed inside and the negative influences are blocked outside the body. The vein of the left arm being connected to the heart, the tradition wants that as soon as the red thread falls, our wishes become, come true.

How to hang the red thread?

The red yarn should be wrapped around the wrist. The best thing is to ask someone you trust to tie it up, a loved one. It is therefore necessary to avoid addressing someone negative who could transmit bad vibes.

What happens when the red bracelet breaks?

It is possible to keep a red string bracelet for several years! When the bracelet falls off, it is said to have successfully interceded all negative elements. Having absorbed all the energies, it is no longer able to contain any more. He achieved his goal. So no need to worry. You can attach a new one to your wrist as soon as you feel ready.
Attention, do not cut the wire, it must fall by itself.

Can we choose other colors?

Absolutely yes, although red is traditionally the strongest. However, you can choose another color, perhaps to enhance only one aspect in particular.

Here is the meaning of the other colors:

  • Yellow: Promotes creativity and prosperity
  • Blue: improves health by eliminating anxiety, depression and melancholy.
  • Green: Eliminates negative thoughts and drives away jealousy.
  • Purple: Helps achieve goals.
  • Black: To restore calm
  • White: Promotes wisdom and understanding.

Now you know the meaning of red thread and other colors. What color do you particularly need right now?

Superstitions cross the centuries, take the form of objects, days and are often linked to bad luck or on the contrary to luck. They are means of warding off bad luck or bringing good luck assuming the existence of invisible forces. Superstition, spirituality and religion sometimes intertwine as is the case with the meaning of the red thread around the wrist.

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