Rose quartz, stone of love? All to know in 2 minutes.

Rose quartz the stone of universal love.

What better opportunity to tell you about rose quartz! Commonly called the stone of love or the stone of lovers, this variety of quartz, sometimes called rock crystal, owes its color to metallic oxides.

Rose quartz deposits are found in large numbers in Brazilian and Malagasy soils, from which the most beautiful varieties are extracted, but this natural stone is also found in many other regions of the world (United States, France, Poland ...).

Considered as a fine stone, it has been cut and sculpted for millennia and frequently used in jewellery, highly prized for its brilliance and its particular pink color.
Formerly called in Gemology "Rubis d'Ancôme" or "Rubis de silesésie" these terms are no longer officially authorized by the world jewelry confederation.

In addition to its natural beauty and its aesthetic appeal, many virtues and properties are attributed to rose quartz, values that are commonly found across different cultures (Indian Hindu, Chinese Buddhist, but also among Amerindian peoples) in whom observation empirical nature has led to a pragmatic use of minerals for medicinal purposes.

Properties and virtues of rose quartz.

The Hindus consider for example that the pink quartz is particularly disposed to act on the chakras of the heart (the 4th chakras, that of the air, center of the breathing of freedom and love). This natural stone placed on the chest has a beneficial effect on states of stress. Worn as a necklace, the pink stone would release the emotional knots and blockages of the Anahata (the heart chakra).

Indian medicine indeed considers that the chakras which are emotional centers of conical shape traversed in a spiral by the energy are directly connected to the endocrine system and that it is possible to cure many ailments by acting directly on the lifting of the knots and energy blockages caused by negative events in daily life. According to the Hindus, each stone would thus possess energy "powers" on different chakras. These principles are widely used in litho-therapy.

Stone widely used in relaxation and meditation, it would again have virtues of calm, self-confidence, appeasement and of course love, transforming negative energies into positive vibrations. Placed on the 6th Chakras (3rd eye Chakras) rose quartz would also promote spiritual elevation, and develop the divinatory faculties.

To push a little further, in astrology, rose quartz would be particularly suitable for the following zodiac signs: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

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