The 3 stones to regain your confidence...

What are the 3 stones to regain your confidence?

A loss of confidence is felt in your life following an event?
Do you need to find your full potential to face everyday life?

The stones that we are going to present to you below can accompany you and help you regain your self-confidence so that you can fully blossom.


Tiger's Eye has long been considered one of the best stones for self-confidence. This is the one we recommend first if you don't have one. It also acts as a stone of protection and combined with other stones such as Obsidian or Labradorite, it will become your best ally on a daily basis.


Citrine is known to be a stone that brings abundance and the joy of living. It also promotes the balance of energies, develops creativity and restores self-confidence by eliminating negative energies. Citrine is also a stone of success, whether in the personal or professional field.


Tourmaline stone is very often used in Lithotherapy, it is even called the supreme protector. It will be very useful in times of stress and will bring you calm and serenity. It also allows you to anchor your energies and regain your self-confidence more easily. It also restores courage after difficult times and protects you against bad influences.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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