The 5 trendy stone jewels for a jewel?

What are the trendy stones for a jewel?

Nowadays, the trend is for original and unusual beauty accessories. Stone jewelry has thus made a comeback with more and more frequent use. This is due in particular to the multiple virtues attributed to them, thus giving each stone jewelry a particular meaning. If you are interested, here are 5 trendy stones to wear in jewelry.

Tiger's eye stone jewelry

Straight from South Africa, tiger's eye is an essential stone for the manufacture of many accessories. In the case of jewelry, tiger's eye is particularly appreciated, because it is a stone that inspires self-confidence. With this stone, your state of mind will always be in good shape. Like other natural stone jewellery, tiger's eye reflects your strength of character and your dynamism. The stone is also filled with positive energies that protect you from the evil eye. It brings courage and luck to whoever wears it.

The rose quartz stone jewel

Very popular in oriental medicine, rose quartz is a stone that has proven itself in the treatment of heart problems. Indeed, this natural stone is reputed to thin the blood circulation, eliminate toxins and thus improve the functioning of the heart. If you have tension problems, the rose quartz jewel could be an excellent ally. Rose quartz is also a stone with soothing virtues which notably reduce stress and its harmful effects on the body. The rose quartz jewel can thus help insomniacs to find sleep more easily.

Amethyst gemstone jewelry

It is impossible to discuss the trend stones used in the manufacture of jewelry without referring to amethyst . This violet-colored stone symbolizes mental balance and is used as jewelry to stabilize emotions and many other ailments. If you are prone to mood swings, stress and anxiety, this is the perfect stone for your jewelry. This stone generally promotes letting go and has purification properties. The amethyst stone jewel is ideal for meditation sessions, as it promotes appeasement and calm. It can also be used by adults and children who have sleep disorders.

The lapis lazuli stone jewel

Lapis lazuli stone is a trendy stone used in jewelry making for its comforting action. Indeed, the use of this stone in the form of jewelry makes it possible to better cope with various sorrows and even the loss of a loved one. Many specialists claim that this stone has the ability to impact the mood by restoring joy. Wearing a Lapis lazuli necklace therefore prevents you from falling into depression.

The amber stone jewel

Amber stone is a natural stone made from plant resins. Jewelry made of amber stone thus has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. They are very often used for babies who are teething to relieve pain. Amber stone also has soothing virtues in terms of sleep.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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