Shell jewelry! A semblance of summer...

Shell jewellery, key summer accessories.

In addition to clothing, shoes and bags, the shellfish trend extends to jewelry. We gladly adopt these to be on top during the summer holidays, even if shell jewelry is also available in all seasons. They are worn to embellish every part of the body: around the neck as a necklace, on the ankles or wrists as a bracelet, on the fingers as a ring and up to the lobes as earrings.

Seashell jewelry goes wonderfully with a pretty summer dress. They are also a perfect combo with a t-shirt for walking on the beach. The little extra: these shell jewels are suitable for both elegant outfits and casual style. What to be well dressed without fuss!

Where to find beautiful shell jewelry?

Looking for original and high quality shell jewelry ?

Visit our Bijoux website to find the piece that will bring you closer to the ocean.
We offer a range of jewelry adorned with real shells to make you happy. It can be cowries, Brazilian shells, starfish or even scallops.

On the other hand, the chains and clasps are made of noble materials, solid and pleasant to the touch. Depending on the model, shell jewelry can be made of cotton, leather, silver, gold or plated stainless steel (gold or silver).
The jewels that you will find on the Bijoux Lilloubella e-shop benefit from a neat aesthetic. In addition, there is something for all styles: vintage, chic and refined, bohemian, tribal, and many more. Enough to meet the tastes of it-girls!

The different types of shell jewelry:

Shell necklaces:
Perfect for enhancing your outfit, shell necklaces are available as chokers, long necklaces and pendant necklaces. For a discreet style in summer, choose a thin chain. This one will know how to dress you with elegance. In winter, consider opting for a shell necklace thick enough to put over your turtleneck. A new way to bring a touch of originality to your outfit when the temperature drops. On the other hand, long shell necklaces are also worn all year round. They will be your allies to give the final touch to your look and enhance the neckline.

Shell bracelets:
Shell bracelets are a must when it comes to this type of jewelry. Our favorite: The cowrie bracelets . For a clean look, we adopt those of white color. They have the advantage of being suitable with all styles of clothing. Otherwise, you can also add a touch of fantasy by choosing models adorned with natural stone and full of colors. Vacation essentials! The must have for a chic event: The shell and pearl bracelet. Elegant and refined to perfection!

Shell rings:
Seashell jewelry makes you stylish down to your fingertips. Originality, trend and robustness are the key words for making shell rings. Whether plain or colorful, this type of shell jewelry completely highlights your look.
In addition, shell rings are good gift ideas to offer on all occasions of the year. They can be an original way to make your marriage proposal. They are also perfect as engagement rings. You will also find rings and signet rings made in another way. Anyway, these are luxurious jewels to offer or to afford, for men as for women!

Seashell earrings:
What about shell earrings? It is sure that these bring fantasy to your day and evening outfit. Yes, shell earrings are suitable for a casual and chic style at the same time. This jewel is generally found in two forms:
First: there are shell hoops that can be adorned with cowries with raw fine stones or even feathers.
Second: you will find the dangling shell earrings which are the models that are most often found on the market.
In any case, these shell jewels are worn daily to go to the office, on vacation, to be stylish at the beach as well as during the major events you attend.

Live elegance with us, let yourself be surprised with our wide choice of jewelry that will make you unique.

We aim to feed this emotion, by helping you find magnificent creations, jewelry that make you feel like a diva in your own universe.

A gift to offer?

Our collection is updated regularly, our Stocks are Limited if you like a piece of jewelry, don't wait for it to be out of stock!

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