Do jewelry reveal your personality?

Highlight your personality with jewelry?

It is no longer to prove that jewelry is one of the essential accessories to enhance your look. Just like the style of dress you adopt, your jewelry can give a glimpse of your personality.

Jewelry is the perfect accessory to bring a personal touch to your outfit and stand out. There are several types that can suit different styles. You can, for example, discover a wide selection of Lilloubella jewelry in our store. You will find jewelry that will bring a unique touch to your look.

You will find jewelry that will bring a unique touch to your look. Here is a list of basic jewelry:

  • necklaces that dress the neck while highlighting the bust;
  • bracelets and rings for women;
  • earrings: there are specific models for those who do not have pierced ears.

All these jewels are available in several materials such as silver, steel, precious or semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, etc.

The various personalities reflected in the jewelry worn.

Besides embellishing and enhancing a look, jewelry also allows people to identify with each other. Thus, people who like to have fun opt for large jewelry such as large pendant necklaces, large earrings or extravagant rings. These people are usually sociable and active.

On the other hand, those who are rather calm and discreet most often lean towards jewelry made from recycled materials such as bracelets and necklaces made of sea glass or shell, turquoise earrings, etc. These are people who are nature lovers and prefer earthy tones like beige, brown, ocean blue or forest green.

As for people who want to reflect a certain elegance, many opt for pearl jewelry, it can be necklaces or earrings for example. These people are rather traditionalists and have classic tastes in clothing or furniture.

Another personality trait is people who seek the best of the best. For these people, the choice of jewelry is made with the greatest care and there is no question of being satisfied with the second choice.

Then there are those people who are adept at color coordination. They are quite neat, responsible and organized. These people, who are mostly friendly and conversational, tend to match jewelry with each other. For example, they can wear silver bracelets that match the color of their shoe.
Fashion trendsetters meanwhile, their jewelry choices are quite daring. They prefer unique and out-of-the-ordinary vintage pieces. Antique and second-hand stores are their places of research.

In summary.

Classic jewelry is an integral part of professional style while artistic jewelry evokes more of a need for assertiveness. It is obviously advisable to choose your jewelry carefully according to your personality, but also according to the circumstances in which they will be worn.

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