Natural stones and their benefits...

The virtues of natural stones:

The virtues of natural stones have been used since the dawn of time. These real stones are of different and magnificent colors, we admire them in their raw state, in cut stone or cabochon stone, as a pendulum or even mounted on jewellery. But do you know the benefits of stones, their energy properties and their therapeutic virtues? We tell you everything about stones and their properties in this article.

Where would the therapeutic power of the stones come from?
Every day, we ingest mineral elements essential to our well-being. When you wear a natural stone, it triggers beneficial vibrations for our physical and mental health. The stone will stimulate our organs and our intellect.
Natural stones have different colors and each color is related to the energy centers of our body. These centers are called Chakras found in yogic science. Each precious or semi-precious stone therefore has, by its color, a specific influence for each part of our body.

Everything is energy, our body is energy, and therefore our cells react in different ways depending on the stone which itself has its own vibrations.
Lithotherapy is the study of the energetic power of stones, it is a very old science brought up to date and used by many therapists and in alternative medicine.

The virtues of the stones according to their color:

Depending on its color, natural stone will have a different energy. Stones can therefore be grouped by families in order to indicate their basic energy properties. Then each stone will have its own specific virtues, which we will see in a little more detail at the end of our article. Black stones, such as onyx, tourmaline, hematite.
These stones help to anchor oneself, to keep one's feet on the ground. They can help deal with fears and anxieties.

Red stones, such as garnet, red jasper, red agate. They bring vital energy, stimulate courage and help to take action. These red stones promote personal autonomy and ensure dynamism. They are for the root and sexual chakra. Yellow stones, such as amber, citrine.
These stones develop the sense of organization. They help build self-confidence and encourage upward social mobility. They are also stones of joy and good humor. We are here more in the solar plexus chakra

Translucent stones, such as quartz.
These are gems that promote meditation. They uplift the spirit and facilitate clear thoughts. Rock crystal and moonstone are beneficial for a good understanding of its environment
Green stones, such as malachite, emald , green agate . These stones are the color of the heart chakra. They relate to the opening of the heart, the relations with the others, the benevolence and the unconditional love.

How to benefit from the benefits of the stones?

To take advantage of the energetic power of all these stones, you can buy a rough stone and keep it on your person, in your hand or in a pocket of your clothes. The goal is to wear this stone closest to you.
You can also wear the stone mounted on silver or gold jewelry. Like for example a silver ring with its natural stone, a pendant, earrings or a stone necklace. Most effective will be when the stone directly touches your skin. This is the reason why many jewels are not closed behind the stone, in order to let the energy pass.
To choose your stone, we advise you to follow your instinct. If a stone particularly attracts you because of its shape or its color, it is generally the one you need at this precise moment! So let your heart speak before your mind, it knows what is good for you.

Virtues of natural stones:

Here are the main real stones used in jewelry, with their virtues. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best, or that you need the most right now.

Agate, stone of appeasement.

Agate is a stone of luck, which facilitates opportunities. Stone that allows you to better anchor yourself and brings physical and emotional balance.
Calms and soothes anxieties, dissipates inner disturbances.
It secures and helps us to break down our blockages.
In a room, it helps to calm the energies.

Amethyst, stone of spirituality.

Amethyst brings wisdom and strength. She is protective. It fights poisoning (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, coffee, etc...).
Amethyst soothes headaches, anxieties and anger. It contributes to the proper functioning of the liver. A spiritual stone, it stimulates imagination, creativity and serenity.

Carnelian, stone of vitality.

Very positive stone, which brings dynamism and vitality.
Carnelian has emotionally soothing effects, it drives away nightmares. It is a joyful, spontaneous stone, it gives a sense of responsibility. It is good for procreation, absorbs negative energies that cause blockages and sterility.

Chrysoprase, stone of self-confidence.

Chrysoprase is the ideal stone for pregnant women, it facilitates a smooth delivery. Stone that brings confidence and inner peace
It contributes to the elimination of toxins.
It regulates excess blood pressure, stimulates heart muscle and improves vision. It reinforces maternal tenderness.
Chrysoprase causes changes in mentality or behavior for renewal.

Citrine, stone of joy.

Citrine diffuses a positive and invigorating energy.
It is recommended in a sick room.
It promotes digestion and invigorates the mind and the body. Citrine wards off fatigue, helps concentration.
It is conquering and willful by strengthening the personality.

Garnet, energizing stone.

Garnet regulates heart disorders, blood pressure and blood circulation. It is an excellent stone to compensate for venous insufficiencies (cold hands and feet, heavy legs).
Garnet gives strength and courage.
It prevents nervous breakdowns.
It is a good sexual stimulator in men.
It is a useful stone and recommended for calm and composed people.
Stone of commitment and refocusing.

Labradorite, stone of protection.

Labradorite is active against eye disorders.
It acts as a sort of shield doubled as a sponge. It adsorbs the negative energies, evils and sorrows of others, it dissolves them and protects its user. It amplifies the gift of pleasing others.
Labradorite is perfect for lonely people. It rests during great physical and intellectual fatigue.
Stone of great intuition, it promotes premonitory dreams.

Lapis lazuli, stone of friendship.

Lapis fights depression.
Stone that helps to have a calm and regenerative sleep. It helps to cure skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema, rashes and asthma. It accelerates the regrowth of hair and nails. It calms the cough.
It is the stone of communicative good humor, stimulates ingenuity, finesse of mind, creativity.

Tiger's eye protects against the evil eye.

Tiger's eye protects against the evil eye.
Tiger's eye protects against black magic and spells. A stone that chases away the negative and the bad vibes.
Allows a better self-confidence, helps to assert one's opinions.

It cures hearing disorders, ringing in the ears and alleviates tinnitus.
It gives self-control, a sense of responsibility, and great driving stability. It is a grounding stone.
Stone of Ying and Yang, of wisdom, of the search for truth and justice, of universal knowledge.

Rose Quartz, stone of the heart.

Rose Quartz is good for the heart chakra, softness and tenderness. He is inner peace, calm absolute spirituality. It helps to love oneself, to accept oneself as one is. This stone effectively supports the entire blood circulation system from the heart to the capillaries.

Tourmaline, stone of serenity

Tourmaline is an essential stone to attract to oneself, friendship, affection, good fortune. It promotes nobility of feelings and awareness of one's own place in the universe and in society. Tourmaline makes ideas clear and limpid, increases thinking speed, alertness with certainty and precision. (Stone of wisdom).

Turquoise, stone of purification.

Turquoise works the sex chakra. It is a purifying stone on the vital fluids of the body. It is effective against intoxication, poisoning, excess cholesterol and sugar. It is a stone of positivity and courage.
It helps to discern good from evil. She is sincere and spreads confidence.
It reinforces friendship, it is a stone of communication.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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