Reasons to wear turquoise stone jewelry...

Why wear turquoise stone jewelry?

If you are a woman who loves fashion and follows trends, you have certainly not missed that of turquoise stone jewelry. Declined in bracelet, earrings, necklace or ring, the stone is everywhere, and in all its forms and colors. It will bring a chic and refined touch to all your looks, whatever the season and whatever the occasion! To accessorize your outfits with jewelry that is both original and elegant, what could be better? And if you don't like turquoise stone, no worries, Lilloubella also offers many natural stones in jewelry.

Because the turquoise color reminds us of summer.

For spring-summer, you will succumb!

Color of summer, it reminds us of the sea, the ocean and the blue sky. Heat, beach, sun, it's the ideal color for the holidays. Available in several sizes, there are more imposing ones for those who like size and more discreet ones for those who prefer finesse. We like to wear them with other jewelry. Sun and water resistant, they will be your best summer ally!

Ideal for forming pretty adornments, turquoise stone jewelery is available in different models of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Present at various and varied prices and styles, you will have no more excuses. With so many choices, you're bound to get what's right for you.

Because it is known for its many virtues.

In lithotherapy, turquoise stone is known for its many virtues. It is recommended to help the body fight against viruses and bacterial infections, detoxify you and even sometimes cure you of certain ailments.
On the psychological level, this stone allows appeasement, empathy and calm. It is known to promote communication and listening. In this sense, it allows the renewal of self-confidence and inner peace.
We therefore combine beauty with utility in these jewels with reconstituted turquoise stone.

For our jewelry, Lilloubella opts for a touch of originality, mixing stainless steel and gold-coloured gilding. With the wide choice, you will inevitably find your jewel in our collections. With Lilloubella, we therefore offer turquoise stone jewelery in original and unique shapes. You will find a mixture of quality and fantasy that is rarely found. Ideal to stand out!

Live elegance with us, let yourself be surprised with our wide choice of jewelry that will make you unique.

We aim to feed this emotion, by helping you find magnificent creations, jewelry that make you feel like a diva in your own universe.

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