The lucky eye?

Do you really know the meaning of this symbol?

Originating in ancient Greece, the lucky eye is a protection that aims to protect us against the negative energies brought by the evil eye.
According to belief, the evil eye is often worn by loved ones who are unconsciously jealous of us! It is often said that even your best friend can bring you the evil eye.

We constantly use it to drive away the evil eye which can be brought by anyone without us realizing it!

The lucky eye is very common in Greece and Turkey.

It is found on everything that could attract envy or jealousy. You will surely notice it hanging above the entrance doors of homes, in restaurants and shops, hanging from the rear view mirror of a car, and even on the inhabitants who wear it as a charm key ring or pendant.

The lucky eye is now loved by different cultures around the world. It represents luck and protection for everyone. Having become a fashion phenomenon, it is found today, updated and modernized on accessories or clothing.

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