Where to store your jewelry?

Where to store your jewelry?

Do you love buying new jewelry, but over the years you have accumulated a large amount of jewelry and you are starting to wonder where are you going to store it all?
There are a large number of jewelry storage units on the market, with this large choice it is sometimes difficult to find the one that best matches our decoration and our jewelry collection. In this article we will reveal our best solutions for where to store your precious jewelry.
If you don't yet have an organizer for your jewelry, it may be that you don't see the need for it or that you never thought of it. Having a specific place for your jewelry will make your life easier, you won't have to look for where you left them lying around and it will prevent you from misplacing them. Your jewelry collection must be placed in a dry environment, humidity accelerates the oxidation of silver or gold jewelry. Contact with jewelry made of other metals can also stick or scratch them.

In a jewelry box?

The jewelry box is the most effective storage for keeping your little treasures. It prevents oxidation, scratches and dust from damaging your jewelry. Their original style will suit even the most demanding women. Choose one that matches your jewelry collection so you can store everything in one place. Take note that the jewelry box you choose has compartments to organize all your gems separately. Most are equipped with soft material such as velvet in order to preserve all the shine of your adornments. For women who have large pieces of jewelry and need quick access to them, some storage boxes have drawers which are very useful.
These are made of different materials to suit individual preferences. You will find jewelry boxes made of leather, glass and also made of wood. Their original shapes and elegant finishes will add a nice decorative touch to your room at the same time.

Hang them on a jewelry rack?

The jewelry holder is a display where you can organize a large number of jewelry. Directly inspired by jewelry stores, the jewelry stand is an affordable and practical organizer for displaying your favorite jewelry. Its main advantage, it highlights your jewelry collection and it is very easily accessible. By hanging your necklaces, chains and bracelets, you will avoid tangling them.
It comes in several types such as the necklace holder, the bracelet holder, the earring holder and even the ring holder. These displays are designed for a particular type of jewelry and offer much more suitable storage.

Which storage to choose?

Their choice between these two jewelry storages depends entirely on your needs. If your collection is mainly made up of small precious jewels, we recommend the box or the jewelery box. For a unique ring, you can also use a box. If you prefer to see your jewelry collection on your piece of furniture, you can turn to the jewelry holder and its different variants.
The ideal would be to combine the advantages of these two types of storage by placing the large pieces of jewelery that serve you the most, such as necklaces, on your jewelery stand. More valuable jewelry that is smaller in size can be placed in your jewelry box. With these clever organizers, you ensure a bright future for your entire precious jewelry collection.

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