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Why personalize gifts?

Find the gift that will please for sure. This is one hell of a puzzle. Making a difference by offering a unique gift is not easy.

Our advice: personalize your gifts! Given the profusion of gifts that all look alike today, it has become essential to personalize your gifts. At the risk otherwise of offering an ordinary gift. Worse: your gift could pass for a pale copy of another gift given to the same person during the event (birthday, Christmas, etc.).

Personalizing a gift means not choosing yet another copy-paste of the currently fashionable gift. For this, the idea is to remember what characterizes the person to whom you are giving the gift. It can be his first name or his nickname, which always has a small effect. But a personalized gift can also be used to revive a pleasant memory spent together.

Original ideas to personalize your gifts.

Stand out with our Cercei ring!

Discover our new CERCEI RINGS collections, on the Lilloubella Paris online store. Personalize your ring with the initial of your choice. Want to get noticed when you go out? At Lilloubella we are passionate about making high quality jewelry at a fair price for everyone. With our rings from our Cercei collection, you no longer need to adjust the finger size. Suitable for all finger sizes!

To be found in gold or silver, the rings in our CERCEI collections are water resistant and fully adjustable and they are suitable for all finger sizes!

To offer a personalized gift is to offer more than an object. It's offering a personalized cocktail of shared emotions and memories. Gift personalization is the perfect opportunity to offer something that will surely mark the spirits.

Concretely, Lilloubella offers a large selection of customizable jewellery. Directly on our site, you just have to choose the model adapted to the person to whom you will offer it.

A gift to offer?

This personalized box is made for you!

LIMITED EDITION!!! Up to 30% off with this personalized box .

Make a splash with this personalized box, choose up to 3 handcrafted jewels worth a maximum of €69.00

In return, we promise to make your box as beautiful as possible, accompanied by tissue paper, a velvet jewelry pouch, not to mention your selection of handmade jewelry.

Bonuses: A surprise slipped into each box*.

Find all our jewelry on for a successful gift.
-10% for your first order!

Our collection is updated regularly, our Stocks are Limited if you like a piece of jewelry, don't wait for it to be out of stock!

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