Why choose stainless steel for our jewelry?

Why choose stainless steel for our jewelry?

This material is known for its strength and durability. Steel jewelry is strong. You can opt for 316 L steel or for surgical steel if you have allergies. It has been a very trendy type of jewelry for years. Non-conformism and modernity are embodied by steel necklaces and rings. Steel jewelry can be both easy to maintain and affordable.

Stainless steel jewelry is distinguished by ease of care and affordability. If you want to give a shine to your steel jewelry, just wipe it with a cloth. These are made in such a way that they are harmless. Indeed, stainless steel is anti-allergenic.

This type of jewelry lasts over time, cheaper, unlike other gold or silver jewelry. You don't have to take off your bracelet or ring if you shower or wash your dishes.

You should also know that stainless steel jewelry is not only available in silver gray, you can find a wide range of colors. Several shops offer steel jewelry adorned with patterned beads and stones.

Trendy costume jewelry: how to wear them?

The summer season is fast approaching, so it's high time to get the best costume jewelry that can enhance your look. Indeed, this type of fashionable accessory is essential to give a trendy and original note to your outfits for the beautiful days of summer.
Don't worry if you feel a little lost in the face of the multitude of choices, we have listed the best tips for you that will allow you to stay in style with costume jewelry. So follow us to find out more.

Steel jewelry...

Stainless steel jewelry offers the first advantage of making the quality of its assembly unalterable, timeless and unchangeable. Thanks to its composition, containing more than 10.5% chromium, it is stainless and therefore never rusts.
It is indeed jewelry that lasts over time. All these reasons have led women to choose to wear steel jewelry such as:

  1. Long necklaces
  2. Steel cuffs
  3. Earrings that light up your face.

Being resistant, they are also not afraid of water, so it is possible to keep your jewelry while taking a shower. They also support perspiration.

Large fancy necklaces.

One of the many attractions of the large fancy necklace lies in the fact that it comes in different forms with rather chic or casual variations. To marry it to your look, the best would be to favor either a sober garment and a bright and/or multicolored necklace, or the opposite! It is also necessary to avoid combining two large jewels at the same time.
Costume jewelry has so much style that you will inevitably be able to find your happiness at one time or another!

The fancy sautoir necklace.

Necklaces are a very popular fashion this year. We offer you some tips on how to wear your necklace. These are contemporary jewels to own and absolutely wear to be at the head of this year's trends, they are sexy and fascinating accessories and we love it!
So if you still don't know how to wear long necklaces or how to marry them with your outfit, here is for you this little trend guide that will teach you how to choose a feminine fancy long necklace.

The fancy bracelet.

Do you want to give your wrists a boost? Want to give your style a few touches of originality? Why not choose a fancy bracelet? A fashionable accessory, the latter represents a costume jewel that offers you the possibility of refining your style while personalizing it.
Young and old wear them to enhance their costume.
These bracelets are available in several formats and are made of multiple materials.

Fantasy earrings for women.

The fancy earring is now a fashion staple for women. First appearing in the form of a lobe piercing, it is now very common for women to wear earrings, even permanently.
To embellish an outfit, bring style or simply to dress up a figure that has remained sober or even a refined hairstyle, we recognize that earrings are essential.

Why do women like to wear a fancy bracelet?
Every woman or girl probably has a penchant for fashion, trendy outfits and accessories of all kinds. Indeed, every woman knows that a quality accessory represents half of an outfit, and that without it, an outfit is never complete. Among the most popular and worn accessories, there is obviously the handbag, valuable jewelry, or even costume jewelry. Several associations are possible with these, but how do you know what are the different jewels available on the market?

How can you be sure of the quality of your costume jewellery?

The accessibility of costume jewelry to all budgets suggests that they are necessarily of poor quality. Indeed, a few days after purchase, some of these jewels tarnish or turn black to the dismay of their owners. However, not all costume jewelry is low quality. They are above all jewelry, just like classic jewelry. So you can get them that are of good quality. Here we explain some ways to verify their authenticity.

The type of costume jewelry...

This is an important factor if you want to ensure the quality of a piece of costume jewelry.

Costume jewelry produced by designers

Costume jewelry made by designers are better quality accessories. They are unique pieces, produced by meticulous creators who have an eye for detail. We recommend that you give priority, during your purchases, to costume jewelery by French designers. They are available in reliable online stores such as our Lilloubella.fr , at affordable prices.

These creators imagine, produce and deliver their jewelry in France. It is common knowledge that French-made jewelry is often of high quality. The after-sales service is also little requested with the jewels from these creators, whose know-how is unanimous. The craftsmen work in conditions that allow them to apply themselves, in order to offer you superior quality pieces that characterize so well the made in France.

If certain brands are sometimes at the heart of a media scandal, it is however because of a lack of rigor of this kind. Do not hesitate to check the seriousness of the company, even if you buy made in France! Jewelry must be made by craftsmen whose working conditions respect moral rules.

The sound of costume jewellery.

The quality of a jewel also depends on the noise it makes. A quality costume jewelery for women must be elegant and discreet. It is therefore better to avoid choosing necklaces, chains or bracelets that are too noisy, especially if you want to wear them at work.
In addition, your costume jewelry, even if it is of excellent quality, can quickly deteriorate if you do not take care of it. To enjoy your fashion accessories for longer, remember to store, clean and maintain them.

Lilloubella was created in 2017 by two fashion lovers, we believe in the democratization of style, and our goal is to offer you trendy jewelry in winter and summer so that you are always at the forefront of fashion.
All our jewels are tested and validated by us, the quality of service remains a priority and alone makes it famous for our online store.
With our experience and product knowledge, we are diversifying.

We have a crush on the originality of a range of jewelry, what happens next? There is no question for us of distributing our jewels without having tested them. 

We strive to distribute only jewelry that can accompany you in every moment of life!

So to crack without complexing, the Lilloubella team collaborates with designers using  materials without unpleasant surprises at the fairest price: natural stones, stainless steel, 925 silver, . Because behind every euro also hides a responsible production, a workshop with people who combine traditional craftsmanship and love of jewelry while respecting know-how and "hand-made".

We aim to nurture that emotion, helping you find beautiful creations, jewelry that makes you feel like a diva in your own universe. Lilloubella always accompany you to be unique.

Beauty, sharing, and love are the very essence of our brand.

So if you too are, or you know a distinguished woman who shares the same values, and who loves jewelry, you can join us by sharing our universe. You will have the opportunity to earn commissions and discover our new products one day before everybody.

Feel beautiful every day with Lilloubella.

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