What gift to prove his love?

Live Love in a big way with us.

Whether you are pro Valentine's Day or anti Valentine's Day or even single.... It is above all a privileged moment filled with Love.

Let yourself be seduced by this magical day entirely dedicated to Love, live Love to the full by offering your other half a present to tell him how much you love him, or if you are single, treat yourself to this moment of love for you by giving you the gift that will make you happy, and if you are not in a relationship but want to be, take advantage of this day to declare your love to your loved one....

Stay connected with the love of your life.

The couple bracelet is a jewel, an accessory with a great sentimental value, more than a jewel the couple bracelets will allow you to be in connection with the Love of your life at all times even with the distance...
Carry a part of him when he or she carries a part of you...
Find the whole collection with our different models and select the model that suits you and your loved one.

Carry a part of him on you, when he or she will carry a part of you...

Find the whole collection with our different models and select the model that suits you and your loved one.

Carry on you the initial of the love of your life! What's better than wearing a jewel  which makes sense.
The Gold or silver letter ring is fully customizable, you just have to choose the letter you want to wear.

Personalize the initial of your choice, whether it is that of your first name, the love of your life, a child, a or a best friend....

Adorned with a magnificent mother-of-pearl plate with the initial of your choice, whether it is the initial of your first name, a loved one, a friend or a best friend, the initial that you wear on you take to heart 💓 .

Plus you won't have to worry about finger size, the rings are fully adjustable, they fit all finger sizes 💍✨.

The personalized box!! At Lilloubella we have understood that to have style, you must above all be yourself. That's why we created our customizable box.

Your next crush may be hiding here.

Personalize this magnificent box with 3 jewels of your choice from our Lilloubella collections 💞 . Unique collections selected and handcrafted with care and love 💓 .

By selecting the customization of the box to benefit from a discount of up to - 30% 🔥 .

Jewelry for all personalities and all tastes, it's up to you to choose from our selections.
Find all our collections now on Lilloubella Paris 💓 and discover lots of other gift ideas.

Our e-gift cards.

You want to please but you have no idea what she would like like gift , There is always a risk of disappointing her...

We have the solution ! You can order an e-gift card.

- Card sent by e-mail within 48 hours after the order.

- For the lucky recipient: the use will be done with a confidential code.

- Several visuals available.


The e-gift cards are sent by e-mail within 48 hours after the order. Like the discount codes, click on the "Promo code" box and enter your card code. The reduction will then be deducted from the total of your order and you can proceed to the following stages of validation of your order. The validity period of an e-gift card is 1 year from the date of purchase “can be used only once.“

E-gift cards cannot give rise to any exchange or refund (total or partial) because the usage information is sent by email and received immediately.

-10% for your first order

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