What natural stones to wear as jewelry?

Jewelery lovers, or simply stone collectors… everyone has at least once been fascinated by the beauty of precious stones and semi-precious stones. But do you know how to recognize them? Do you know the list of natural stones that can be used in jewelry and why? I offer you this quick little guide to help you discover all of this.

Natural stones: halfway between lithotherapy and fashion.

According to lithotherapy, certain stones are recommended to help us manage our stress , to go through emotionally difficult times, or to learn to concentrate, and to focus on a single task. Some specialists also say that they could help in certain cures, but we prefer not to advance on anything concerning the medical field without scientific proof...

Some shops specialize in the sale of natural stones in their raw state for use in decoration or talismans, but they can also be found in the form of jewelry. The applications are multiple, we recognize their particular beauty and attraction.

The proof, our collection of natural stone jewelry continues to grow! Obviously, lithotherapy recognizes less power when the stones are small and mounted in jewelry… but it's so pretty!

What is the difference between precious stones, fine stones and semi-precious stones?
You should know that in jewelry, there are 3 main categories of stones.

What is a gemstone?
The category of precious stones is the strictest in the classification of natural stones. There are only diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. That's all!

What is a fine stone?
They used to be called semi-fine stones or even semi-precious stones, but for a few years, jewelers and jewelry sellers no longer have the right to call them that (it's a matter of law, but they are still the same stones, nothing has changed!). This category includes all stones that are not precious stones. Suffice to say that we go from a category with 4 stones, to a category with… almost an infinity of stones!

Among the best known gemstones:

Many stones can be used in jewelry! Provided it is strong and resilient enough to withstand continuous cutting and wearing with skin contact, a stone can easily be incorporated into jewelry.

What is an organic stone?
Organic stones are made from organic and non-mineral materials. This is the case of:

  • amber
  • mother-of-pearl
  • cultured pearls
  • copal
  • the coral
  • jet
  • mellite

Introducing part of our natural stone jewelry collection.

Sobri Necklace:

In lithotherapy quartz crystal is considered one of the most versatile healing stones. it can do so many different things for your mind, body, and soul. Quartz crystals have a unique relationship with the human body chemical compound that attracts energy and fuels communication.

Sanskrit Bracelet:

Today, we live at 100 an hour. We no longer take the time to sit down to reflect or simply refocus on the essentials. By wearing one or more natural jewels, you add a touch of nature to your daily life.

Rose quartz necklace:

Unfaceted gemstones...
What I also appreciate with fine stones is their raw side, which is less jewelry than a perfectly cut diamond. Sometimes all you need to do is polish the stone into a basic geometric shape, and you get a simple, natural piece of jewelry that goes with many outfits.

Opt for simple shapes, set with a rose quartz* crystal stone , this necklace is a small treasure of protection.

As you will have understood, we love natural stones!

Some of our stones are synthetic stones, they take on the physical characteristics of natural stone.

Synthetic stones are reproductions of natural stones. They take on the physical and chemical characteristics of natural stone. They are often much more perfect than natural stones because they come from industrial production which limits the presence of natural inclusions. but their manufacturing process often leaves inclusions typical of their synthesis.

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