What jewelry to wear on a night out?

What jewelry to wear on a night out?

Are you the lucky guest of a chic evening ? Your evening dress will have more elegance with matching jewelry . To stay glamorous, here is an article on the different jewels to wear during an evening while remaining stylish, elegant and being yourself.

The silver pendant, a timeless jewel.

Bring a refined touch to your outfit by opting for a 925 silver pendant. You will be more elegant by wearing it with a necklace accompanied by a fine bracelet. This type of jewel will be the light of your dress, at the end of a chain. He will be the spark that will make you more sublime. In addition, a silver pendant can be worn elegantly with all styles, even on a daily basis.

Several brands now offer various forms of pendants, in stone such as diamonds or Swarovski crystals.

The necklace to stay elegant.

The necklace remains the essential jewel for all occasions. For an evening, a dinner or a cocktail, a matching necklace with the dress of your choice, add a pendant and you will be perfect.

Depending on your outfit, there is the matching necklace:

- For a maxi neckline, opt for a long jumper or a choker. If the dress has a flowing cutout; jumper is recommended.

- For a strapless dress or a round neck, a classic necklace will be at the top.

- On the other hand, if you wear a dress with a high collar, forget the necklace, choose very sparkling earrings to harmonize your outfit.

Earrings to enhance your face.

Earrings to enhance your face!!
For earrings, also think about the harmony of your silhouette. Indeed, you have to play with the shape of the jewelry so as not to overload your outfit. In this case, you will be more chic:
With long earrings and a thin classic necklace.

Discreet earrings look best with a shiny designer necklace or necklace.

If you're wearing a choker or more understated necklace, chunky, glamorous earrings or a slender model will look good on you.
Know that the creoles or sleepers go with all styles of clothing.

The bracelet, delicacy on the wrists.

For a chic evening, wearing a chain bracelet is the classic dressing code. However, it all depends on your outfit. If you wear a dress with sequins or diamond fabric, opt for a fine gold bracelet.
In case you would like to put on one or more shiny bracelets, take care of the aesthetics by adjusting them to your wrist.

The jewel to match your hairstyle.

The goal is to match the different jewels with your evening dress, but also with your hairstyle.
If your hair is up in a bun, imposing earrings will highlight your silhouette. On the other hand, if you wear a large necklace, discreet earrings will be more chic.
For loose hair, sublimate the evening with an imposing shiny necklace accompanied by fine earrings.

How to match a jewel to an evening dress?

Style and rules don't always go together, especially when you want to be daring. But that does not mean that there are not certain universal principles, easy to respect, which will allow you to wear your jewelry at best. If you're looking for tips on how to best accessorize your evening dress, you've come to the right place.

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Second, matching the colors is important .

If your dress is white, a jewel in steel or silver will match the color perfectly. If your dress is black in color, gold and gold jewelry will perfectly enhance its cream tone. If your dress is champagne-colored, opt for either gold jewelry or silver to give a retro look to your outfit.

Third, consider the design of your outfit.

If your shoulders are bare, create height by wearing a timeless style shorter necklace. You can also wear nothing at the blow and go for hoop earrings that will go perfectly with hair up.

If your dress is low-cut, opt for a delicate pendant that you will match with simple earrings in accordance with your haircut.
If your dress leaves a bare back, take care to accessorize your hair and bring a pretty bracelet or a beautiful ring to balance your silhouette.

Finally, be yourself!

You should wear jewelry that you are used to and that is comfortable for you. Love what you wear, and it will show. Be confident in your choices!

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