What is Fatima's Hand?

What is Fatima's Hand?

Whether in Muslim, Jewish or Catholic culture, the hand of Fatima, represented by a jewel symbolizes protection against the evil eye .
Precious metals such as gold or silver are often used to make wonderful jewelry. Fatma's hand is often adorned with pearls, precious stones... The blue fatma's hand is the most common color, but there are also versions made of mother-of-pearl, opal or swarovski crystal.

Although it is a rather widespread ornament, it is quite difficult to determine the exact origins of this precious talisman.
The Hand of Fatima necklace is also known in the world as the Hand of Miriam, Hand with the divine eye, Hamsa or Khamsa, these last terms which mean "five", a very important number for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim.
From here you can already understand that reconstructing in detail the history of this symbol and this amulet is not easy, since its very ancient origins cross different aspects in various cultures.

The Hand of Fatima , according to the most recognized theories, dates back to the Sumerian cult of Inanna and the Assyrian-Babylonian cult of Ishtar. In both religions, these were the goddesses in charge of love, fertility, beauty, and representatives of the fertility of the Earth.
Later, this particular symbol would be taken up by the Jews, renamed Hand of Miriam, in honor of the sister of Moses and Aaron, then it would also spread among the Arab populations as an emblem of power.

Today, the hand of Fatima (Hamsa) is above all a symbol of luck, patience and joy, much appreciated by women.
Giving a necklace or a bracelet with this symbol means wanting to protect the person who is honored with the gift. It's no wonder, then, that it has become the perfect gift to be exchanged between mother and daughter or as an emblem of affection between sister and friends.

And if you are one of those who do not believe in these myths, you should know that Fatima's hand remains a luxury jewel par excellence. Often adorned with precious stones that you could wear to perfect, day or night, your attire.

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