All about lithotherapy

What is lithotherapy?

We owe the term lithotherapy to the contraction of two Greek words: "lithos" (the stone) and "therapeia" (the treatment).
Lithotherapy is therefore a cure by stones. More specifically, it consists of using the power of minerals to improve daily life, relieve pain, explore a spiritual path or find inner peace.

The practice of this esoteric art is based on the idea that each stone harbors a vibration and one or more properties. This mineral energy can enter into resonance with the human being and bring him well-being or protection. It can also invest places in order to attenuate the negative waves and to appease the atmosphere.

Lithotherapy never ceases to evolve and to feed on the observations made by practitioners (amateurs and professionals) around the world. Unlike other spiritual domains, it is not inspired by a sacred text or fixed traditions. On the contrary, it synthesizes a host of ancestral rituals that it borrows in particular from Amerindian shamanism, Ayurvedic medicine, feng shui and Hinduism.

How can lithotherapy help me?

If lithotherapy is attracting more and more followers around the world, it is because it has many virtues. In particular, it can help you:

  • sleep well (with a stone that promotes sleep such as amethyst),
  • soothe your anxiety (for example with rock crystal),
  • be more energetic on a daily basis (thanks to citrine),
    develop your love of yourself and others (with rose quartz),
  • Preserve yourself from negative vibes (by wearing a labradorite, which is one of the most powerful protective stones).

Why use lithotherapy?

All people who practice lithotherapy have in common a curiosity, an attraction and even a fascination for the beauty of minerals. Beyond that, there are a thousand and one good reasons to discover this discipline. Some resort to it for purely physical reasons (to relieve pain), while others use it to cultivate their well-being. Finally, lithotherapy is a way of spiritual awakening for many enthusiasts.

How to use lithotherapy on a daily basis?

Shungite and obsidian are black stones from the family of protective stones. The first (shungite stone) promotes the anchoring and harmonization of the chakras, while attenuating electromagnetic waves. It should not be associated with other stones, at the risk of draining them of their energy.

As for obsidian, it conceals a characteristic strength, inherited from its slow formation in the heart of the acid magma of volcanoes. Thanks to this energy, it is able to connect its wearer to his subconscious, to his past and sometimes even to his inner darkness. This powerful mineral is not to put in all hands.

More than any other lithotherapy stone, obsidian works alone and should never be combined with another mineral. For example, if you have an obsidian pendant, wear it without any other natural stone jewelry. Similarly, when performing a meditation or a shamanic journey in the company of an obsidian, devote all your attention to this stone.

Why and how to recharge my stones?

All lithotherapy minerals (especially stones against stress) need to be purified and recharged so that their energy can be renewed. Purification is essential before first use, regardless of the origin of a rock. It can be made with water, Himalayan pink salt or natural incense. As for the reloading of the stones, it is done most of the time thanks to the light of the sun or the Moon.

Is lithotherapy safe?

Yes, lithotherapy is safe when used as a tool:

  • personal development,
  • of spiritual elevation,
  • relaxation,
  • or to attract good fortune (with a lucky stone such as green aventurine, smoky quartz, turquoise or citrine).

As far as the relief of physical symptoms is concerned, lithotherapy does not present any danger, on one condition: that it does not replace the intervention of a doctor. For example, certain stones (such as green calcite, fluorite, obsidian or magnetite ) are believed to have the ability to relieve back, neck or head pain. This belief is part of a holistic perspective, that is to say taking into account the person as a whole. The holistic approach does not replace surgical interventions and drug treatments which are sometimes necessary in case of illness.

The same goes for psychic disorders: many stones help fight against insomnia and anxiety, but they are not enough to cure clinical depression. Faced with the latter, lithotherapy is used in addition to psychological or psychiatric monitoring.

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(The virtues of the stones and products mentioned are taken from reference books, ancient and modern traditions, local and distant practices, feedback from users. The stones and objects cannot replace medical advice and/or medication .)

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