All about the manufacture of Made in France jewelry

Like many nations, France has not escaped the trend of "local consumption" and all sectors, including jewellery, are going through it.

Discover the secrets of Made in France jewelry.

If Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world, it is not without reason. Both in the field of jewelry and in fashion in general, the French have established themselves through their originality and the chic that characterize them.

Major luxury brands known worldwide have written the history of France in jewelry. Today, many lesser known but very talented designers have taken up the torch and do not hesitate to produce pieces more beautiful than the others.

For a more rigorous "Made in France" designation, the basic designs of these jewels are entirely designed and created on French territory. From the first sketches to the models, all the conditions are met to obtain concepts inspired by French elegance.

The assembly of the jewelry made on site.

For the Made in France jewelry manufacturing process to be complete, the jewelry that bears this label must all be assembled in France.

The labor employed is closely monitored to ensure the production of better quality parts. This mode of operation also allows jewelry designers to support and encourage small local artisans.

In order to ensure an authentic "Made in France" production chain, French jewelery brands choose to supply their raw materials directly from suppliers already established in the territory. This approach not only ensures quality and reliability, but also better traceability of stones and other ornaments.

In addition, this initiative promotes the stimulation of the local economy, since a very large part of the commercial exchanges useful for manufacturing is done within the country. Thus, thanks to the reduction in shipping costs, the gross cost of creations becomes more accessible to the consumer, increasing the chances of brands having a larger clientele. This virtuous circle is the quintessence of Made in France!

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