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Inexpensive jewelry gift ideas all year round to please and make you happy: rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants at low prices.


  • Anti-allergenic it does not irritate the skin.
  • Perfectly resistant to bodily fluids.
  • Jewelry that does not rust and lasts over time.
  • Limited quantity .

At Lilloubella Paris, it is with a lot of passion and attention that we send each jewel.
Minimalist earrings, stainless steel choker necklaces, long necklace, multi-row bracelet, there is no shortage of options to stand out and create your look in complete freedom.

Find a whole range of stainless steel jewelry in different styles, chic, classic, rock or bohemian to meet all your desires of the moment. On our e-shop, we detect the simple silver chain necklace to the hyper trendy ring in 316L stainless steel with geometric shapes!


316L stainless steel is an alloy of steel and other metals (iron, carbon, nickel and chromium) necessary to guarantee the formation of a self-regenerating surface layer which makes it stainless. No allergy problems with the nickel contained in the steel because the nickel particles are trapped in the alloy. As a result, nickel is not released, which makes stainless steel an anti-allergenic metal that does not irritate the skin.

Type 316L stainless steel meets these requirements, which is why it is used in jewelry making. The "L" in 316L stands for "Low Carbon" Low Carbon in French.

We attach particular attention to the quality of our jewelry, which is why we offer a wide range of 316L stainless steel jewelry because its many qualities are well established: hypoallergenic, does not change colors, does not tarnish and very easy to maintain.

Personalize these gifts with Lilloubella...

Find the gift that will please for sure. This is one hell of a puzzle. Making a difference by offering a unique gift is not easy.

Our advice: personalize your gifts! Given the profusion of gifts that all look alike today, it has become essential to personalize your gifts. At the risk otherwise of offering an ordinary gift. Worse: your gift could pass for a pale copy of another gift given to the same person during the event (birthday, Christmas, etc.).

Personalizing a gift means not choosing yet another copy-paste of the currently fashionable gift. For this, the idea is to remember what characterizes the person to whom you are giving the gift. It can be his first name or his nickname, which always has a small effect. But a personalized gift can also be used to revive a pleasant memory spent together.

Concretely, Lilloubella offers a large selection of customizable jewellery. Directly on our site, you just have to choose the model adapted to the person to whom you will offer it.

LIMITED EDITION!!! Up to 30% off with this personalized box .

Bonus: A surprise slipped into each box*.

Find all our jewelry on for a successful gift.
-10% for your first order!

Our collection is updated regularly, our Stocks are Limited if you like a piece of jewelry, don't wait for it to be out of stock!

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