Membership terms and conditions


Affiliate: Website publisher, holder of applications selling commercial links or electronic address files who participate in a Program

Advertiser: Lilloubella customer who wishes to promote himself or his products or services via Affiliate Programs.


The affiliate declares to be at least 16 years old, an active blog or site, and a minimum of 150 Instagram Followers.

Lilloubella reserves the right to accept or reject, at its discretion, without having to justify its decision, the registration of Affiliates to its platform and/or to a Program.

Affiliate candidates must ensure and guarantee that the site(s) under which they request their affiliation comply with the laws and regulations in force and that they do not infringe any rights belonging to third parties, in particular in terms of intellectual property. or industrial or image rights.
Applications for registration for sites will not be taken into account:
- non-compliant with the laws and regulations in force and the rights of third parties, in particular of an illegal and/or pornographic nature or containing racist, defamatory remarks or inciting any form of discrimination or extremism,
- likely to harm the image of Lilloubella or advertisers or simply incompatible with their commercial policy.
Candidates who request the affiliation of sites with protected or limited access (passwords etc.) must give Lilloubella the means to ensure that their editorial content complies with the law and the conditions above.
Any significant change in the content of the affiliate's site will be reported to Lilloubella within 48 hours of the change.


Registration requests are made by completing the registration form on the site

The candidate for affiliation, by requesting his affiliation, certifies on his honor that he is the holder of the domain name of the site under which he is requesting affiliation or that he holds the rights thereto and that he has right and in fact the possibility of placing on the site links to an advertiser's site.
Lilloubella will notify the candidate for affiliation of his registration or the rejection of his registration by e-mail to the address indicated in the registration form.
Registration implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, only these general terms and conditions apply to relations between Lilloubella and affiliates, to the exclusion of all other contractual terms of the affiliate.

Lilloubella may be required over time to modify its general conditions. In this case, Lilloubella will inform the affiliate beforehand of the modifications. The affiliate has the right to refuse the modifications by notifying its refusal to Lilloubella, within 8 days following notification of the modifications.

Registration on the platform also implies acceptance of the Affiliate – Advertiser conditions attached to the Affiliates and which are intended to govern relations between the Affiliates and the advertisers whose Program they participate in.
Admission of the affiliate entails his registration on the distribution list of Lilloubella newsletters informing in particular the affiliates of the new Programs.

The affiliate agrees to post and mention the Lilloubella brand and these products on these main social networks.

(It is forbidden to have multiple affiliate accounts.)

Note: If you have two affiliate accounts, we will certainly close both accounts.


Once the Affiliate's application has been accepted by Lilloubella, the Affiliate may apply to participate in Programs.

The affiliate decides freely whether or not to apply for the various programs offered by reading their characteristics on the platform.
The mandate given by the affiliate to Lilloubella within the framework of each Program will take effect upon receipt by the affiliate of confirmation of its registration in the program after acceptance by the advertiser.
The links and promotional tools relating to a program are accessible on the platform.

The advertiser may offer one or more products to the affiliate on condition, from a certain number of orders generated by the affiliate, or from the analysis of the affiliate's account.

"The products offered by the advertiser will be delivered only in metropolitan France."

The affiliate's remuneration conditions are set by the advertiser and accessible on the platform. Depending on the type of program, the advertiser undertakes to remunerate its affiliates according to different criteria, for example each time one of these visitors visits the advertiser's site (fixed remuneration per click), fills out a form (fixed remuneration to the lead) or places an order (commission on sale)...

In this context, Lilloubella records the results obtained (which are subject to validation by the advertiser) and ensures the collection of the remuneration which is due to the affiliates by the advertiser in return for participation in the latter's Programme.
The accounting of the results obtained is carried out with the Tracking tool.

The affiliate will have access to his dashboard where he can follow all his conversions and see these results in real time.


Following the confirmation of the registration of an affiliate to a Program, the latter will have access to the links and/or Promotional Tools to be placed on the pages of the registered site(s).
its links / Promotional Tools must in no case be modified or inserted


In the event of non-compliance with one of the conditions of affiliation, the affiliate exposes himself to sanctions such as non-remuneration or even the termination of his Affiliate account.

Any offense of defamation with regard to our brand or our products may result in criminal prosecution.

In accordance with article 29 of the law of July 29, 1881 which defines defamation as "any allegation or imputation of a fact which undermines the honor or the consideration of the person or the body to which this fact is imputed » and the insult as « any outrageous expression, terms of contempt or invective which does not contain the imputation of any fact. »


The affiliate undertakes to respect the social and fiscal regulations applicable to his remuneration by the advertiser.

If the affiliate's activity is usual and can be qualified as a professional activity within the meaning of tax regulations, the sums due to the affiliate will be paid on presentation of an invoice with or without VAT as the case may be and on presentation a SIRENE number. The invoice must include all the information provided for by the regulations.
Beyond 500 Euros per year and per affiliate, Lilloubella reserves the right to require an invoice including a SIRENE number before making any payment.

PLEASE NOTE: individuals are requested to seek legal and tax advice to determine their obligations with regard to each particular situation.


The affiliate registers for an indefinite period.
It ends automatically if the affiliate has ceased to participate in any affiliate program.

The sums collected by Lilloubella are then paid back to the affiliate unless their amount remains less than 75 Euros, in which case they remain with Lilloubella as compensation.

The affiliate may also be terminated at any time by Lilloubella following which Lilloubella will be released from any obligation vis-à-vis the affiliate.

The affiliate will have the right to unsubscribe at any time on simple request from him, by contacting us at or simply on the "Unsubscribe" button at the end of the last email you received.

Your submission of personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. See our privacy policy.


The affiliate may not under any circumstances rely on the name or brand of Lilloubella for commercial or promotional purposes, and in particular if it concerns the marketing and promotion of similar or competing services.
It is expressly agreed that this contract does not confer any right to the affiliate on the programs and data contained on the Lilloubella site. These programs and data, governed by the intellectual property code, remain the exclusive property of their authors.
The affiliate is informed that Lilloubella may carry out traffic analyzes for the affiliate's site. Lilloubella holds the database producer rights to the data collected.

The affiliate authorizes the Lilloubella brand to use the content created by the affiliate for a period of 24 months.

The content of the affiliate as well as its image may also be mediatised on digital channels. Example: (Instagram Facebook Youtube Tiktok ect...)


Affiliate releases and indemnifies against all third party or advertiser claims
- Due to the content of its site
- In the event of non-compliance with the decision or the Affiliated conditions - Advertiser
annexed to the offers
- In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of the GDPR or more generally with any
applicable regulations on cookies, tracers and electronic communications and / or CNIL recommendations
The definition, posting and operation of advertisers' programs, as well as any modifications or interruptions, remain the sole responsibility of the latter. The affiliate is solely responsible for the development, connection operations and maintenance of its website as well as its content.


In the event of fraud, the termination may be immediate and the commissions recorded prior to the fraud will not be paid back to the affiliate.


Software solution for tracking events giving rise to remuneration such as sales made by an advertiser directly or indirectly following a visit to an Affiliate site, receipt of a form, click. Tracking on the advertiser's site is carried out using tags placed on the confirmation pages of the actions to be followed.


The affiliate agrees to comply with the regulations applicable to commercial prospecting, in particular the provisions of article L. 34-5 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code, article 21.2 of the GDPR and European regulations relating to communications electronics.

Any recipient must be able to simply unsubscribe from the database to which he subscribed via a clearly accessible unsubscribe link in the email. The link and unsubscribe should work correctly.


The affiliate agrees to respect the conditions for sending e-mails defined by the advertiser.


The affiliate undertakes to transmit all this information. (PayPal)
To register and become an ambassador of our brand, it is imperative to have a PayPal account to secure all potential transactions.

In the event of incorrect information, the termination may be immediate and the commissions recorded will not be paid back to the affiliate.

Payments will be made only by PayPal on the 30th of each month, the deadline for a bank transfer is 3 to 7 days from the date of the transfer.

PayPal applies commissions during certain transactions such as:

- receiving money (rates vary, for example depending on location
where the sender and receiver are located);

- currency conversion (see the section Currencies above);

- processing of a chargeback by the sender of a payment you receive;

- carrying out a money transfer (in certain countries);

- the use of certain optional services such as
Group payment or PayPal Credit.

See all the conditions on your Paypal account